Dobrag has been a leader and innovator in developing, producing and manufacturing high quality, flexible and promotional PVC plastic bags packaging in the Lebanese industry. Due to many years of experience we are the right company for packaging your products! We design and manufacture a wide range of packaging products, all of which can be incorporated into the design of your specification. By working closely with our experienced designers and trusted professional team, we’re able to offer you a selection of the most popular, creative, unique designed products that you have been looking for. From plastic packaging till luxury bags and covers, everything is possible!


Here at Dobrag we focus on the day to day pvc packaging consumable items your business can’t do without. True to our company belief, “from conception to the finish line”, we support our customers throughout the entire product development process. Our company is known for its great skill in providing development, design, production, and long lasting solutions.

Our team

The key ingredient to our success is our team of experienced, creative, innovative and highly dedicated personnel. From materials experts, producers, designers and other processing experts, whom possess massive talent and deep knowledge about the manufacturing of all types of PVC plastic packaging products that are at par with the main market trends.Owing to their strong determination, dedication and expertise, were able to provide a qualitative and innovative range of packaging products.production, and long lasting solutions.